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Raymund Delahunty r.delahunty at arts.ac.uk
Tue Nov 23 20:20:56 NZDT 2021

Hello Keith-

We recently stumbled across quite a few 404.pl errors, and the cause is believed to be a conflict between OpacHiddenItems and bibliographic record suppression. I advised my colleagues: “In OPAC, where if a user has a link saved to a record that has been made suppressed (maybe they have it in the circulation history), and they click on that link they receive a horrid 404 error, rather than the much nicer ‘blocked’ error (the text of which is controlled by a Koha setting OpacSuppressionRedirect)”.

I have gone through and removed the bibliographic level suppression from as many records as I can, when all items are force-suppressed. We have a number of records we need to leave suppressed as in addition to lost items we have ‘library-staff only’ copied. That's mildly irritating.

But now we have lots fewer 404 errors.

Ray Delahunty
University of the Arts London

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While watching the top command on my ubuntu server, I notice that while retrieving search items in the OPAC I get a lot of 404.pl instances. These seem to be a drag on the performance of the server. (We are a small school with a small VPS server).

I assume that these are caused by Koha searching for missing covers.

Is there any way to mitigate the effect of these searches? Is there a timeout setting or even disable these searches?


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