[Koha] no search results after upgrade from 17.11 to 20.11

Indranil Das Gupta indradg at l2c2.co.in
Tue Nov 23 20:02:31 NZDT 2021


I moved a 17.11.03 db (Debian 9) to 20.11.09 (Debian 10).

I've done the following:

1) cleared cache
2) restarted memcached
3) invoked koha-zebra --restart instance
4) did a full reindex (which is showing me the correct number of
records being exported.

and for good measure have even restarted the box

and yet "no cheese" :-(

the Debian 10 box  is a multi-tenant and the other instances are running

Any clue what I may be missing?

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