[Koha] Request for Libraries using Koha to participate in the 2021 Library Automation Perceptions survey

Marshall Breeding marshall.breeding at librarytechnology.org
Tue Nov 23 04:18:19 NZDT 2021

To all libraries using Koha:

I'm collecting data for the 2021 edition of the  International Library Automation Perceptions survey.

This survey, conducted annually since 2007, provides an opportunity for libraries to register their perceptions of the strategic automation products they use, organizations that provide these products, and the quality of support delivered. The survey also probes at considerations for migrating to new systems and the level of interest in open source products.

As open source software supported both by the general community and by a variety of different service organizations, some special considerations apply to Koha.  In the libraries.org directory, Koha is represented by a combination of the name Koha and the primary support organization involved.  (For example Koha - Catalyst IT, Koha -- ByWater Solutions).  Libraries relying entirely on community support or internal resources are represented as Koha - Independent.  If there are any special support arrangements not covered by these conventions, just mention that in the comments area of the survey.  In this way the survey will be able to reflect both the functionality of the Koha software and the quality of support provided.  This model of representing libraries using Koha isn't perfect, but is a pragmatic approach that aggregates all users of Koha while also segregating the different support scenarios.  

Participation in this survey will help amplify the visibility of Koha among those interested in library automation.  

While the numeric rating scales support the statistical results of the study, it's the comments offered that provide the most insight into the current state of library automation satisfaction.  Comments will be published in the survey results, redacted to conceal text that might identify the individual or organization responding.  The raw data for the survey will not be shared, but reports are available that provide a variety of ways to view results.

Please help your fellow librarians who might be in the process of evaluating library automation options by responding to the survey. Any information regarding vendor performance and product quality can be helpful when making strategic decisions regarding automation alternatives. A large number of responses strengthen the impact of the survey and the subsequent report.

If you have responded in previous years, please respond again this year to help identify any trends regarding improvement or worsening of the products or support services.

For more information about the survey, for instructions on how to participate, and to see results of previous year's survey reports, see:
I hope that all libraries using Koha will respond.  Feel free to forward this request to any other library-related list.

You can view the report summarizing the results of last year's survey, including data from all previous editions, here:

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding the survey.

Marshall Breeding
Editor, Library Technology Guides
Marshall.breeding at librarytechnology.org

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