[Koha] Implementation of

Admire Mutsikiwa amutsikiwa at uzlib.uz.ac.zw
Wed Nov 24 03:36:02 NZDT 2021

Good day. We are running Koha version We would like to
implement koha-plugin-askalibrarian-v0.9.1.kpz . We have tried to follow
the instructions on
https://github.com/l2c2technologies/koha-plugin-askalibrarian and
https://inlibro.com/en/how-to-add-a-plug-in-in-koha/. However, I am failing
to see how to enable *UseKohaPlugins* system preference on the current
version of Koha.

Any pointer on how to achieve the same would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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