[Koha] Importing MARC records with items

Mark Alexander marka at pobox.com
Wed Apr 18 23:46:39 NZST 2018

Excerpts from Sean Carte's message of 2018-04-18 10:44:45 +0200:
> I have records that I have exported from SirsiDynix Symphony that I'm
> trying to import into a new instance of Koha. The bib records load, but the
> items are not added.
> 952
> *_a*657 GAA V.1

This doesn't look quite right to me.  According to the holdings table
in the wiki:


952$a and 952$b should contain the branch codes for owning library
and holding library, respectively.  Your 952$a doesn't look like
a branch code, and I don't see a 952$b.

When I imported our Mandarin catalog to Koha, my script set the following
rather minimal holding fields, and that seemed to be enough:

 942$c - item type
 952$8 - collection code
 952$a - owning library
 952$b - holding library
 952$c - location code
 952$d - acquisition date
 952$o - call number
 952$p - barcode
 952$v - price
 952$y - item type

Note that you need to have previously set up the authorized values for collection
codes and location codes for this to work.

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