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Look at etc/zebradb/ccl.properties.

By default, itemtype and itype are not the same index :

itemtype 1=9006
mc-itemtype itemtype

itype 1=8031
mc-itype itype

If you whant itemtype to behave like itype, in ccl.properties :
comment lines :
itemtype 1=9006
mc-itemtype itemtype

Write after line :
itype 1=8031
mc-itype itype
Those :
itemtype itype
mc-itemtype itype

And restart zebra server.

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Le 07/09/2016 à 21:47, Coehoorn, Joel a écrit :
> If I search our catalog for "eating disorders"
> <http://koha.york.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=eating+disorders>, I
> get 894 results. Most of these are eBooks available through various
> subscriptions or licensing agreements. Now if I want to limit my search to
> real, physical books in our library, I see two ways to do this in the
> interface:
> 1. Look for the "Item Types" section in the side bar on the left and click
> the link for "Books" this produces something very close to what we want
> with 25 results at the following address:
> http://koha.york.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&q=eating%20disorders&sort_by=relevance_dsc&limit=itype:BK
> Note the itype:BK option in the URL.
> 2. Advanced Search, use the same keyword, and click the checkbox next to
> "Books" in the Item Type section below. That leads to the following address;
> http://koha.york.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&q=eating+disorders&op=and&idx=kw&op=and&idx=kw&limit=mc-itemtype%2Cphr%3ABK&sort_by=relevance&do=Search
> Note the "mc-itemtype,phr:BK" in the decoded URL. It produces only two
> results, both of which happen to be children's books. There is a separate
> checkbox option for children's books/Juvenile on the advanced search page,
> so we really wouldn't want to see either of these results in the search
> here. But more importantly, why don't we see the other 23 records?
> What do we need to do so that itype:BK comes out the same as
> mc-itemtype,phr:BK?
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