[Koha] Different search results depending on how we limit the item type

Coehoorn, Joel jcoehoorn at york.edu
Thu Sep 8 07:47:06 NZST 2016

If I search our catalog for "eating disorders"
<http://koha.york.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=eating+disorders>, I
get 894 results. Most of these are eBooks available through various
subscriptions or licensing agreements. Now if I want to limit my search to
real, physical books in our library, I see two ways to do this in the

1. Look for the "Item Types" section in the side bar on the left and click
the link for "Books" this produces something very close to what we want
with 25 results at the following address:


Note the itype:BK option in the URL.

2. Advanced Search, use the same keyword, and click the checkbox next to
"Books" in the Item Type section below. That leads to the following address;


Note the "mc-itemtype,phr:BK" in the decoded URL. It produces only two
results, both of which happen to be children's books. There is a separate
checkbox option for children's books/Juvenile on the advanced search page,
so we really wouldn't want to see either of these results in the search
here. But more importantly, why don't we see the other 23 records?

What do we need to do so that itype:BK comes out the same as

Joel Coehoorn
Director of Information Technology
*jcoehoorn at york.edu <jcoehoorn at york.edu>*

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