[Koha] LOC Z39.50 Connection configuration setup

Decka David ddavid at lib.unitech.ac.pg
Tue Jun 7 14:42:39 NZST 2016

I tried yaz-client lx2.loc.gov/LCDB and the result was

Connecting......error = System (lower-layer) error: connection time out

What could have been the problem?
I also tried Z> f @attr 1=4 "special relativity" and shows Not connected yet.

Thank you for your kind responses.


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On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 10:09 PM, Decka David <ddavid at lib.unitech.ac.pg> wrote:
> Is there anyone in the community who successfully connect to Library 
> of Congress Z39.50 server for copy cataloguing practices or search on port 210?

It works for me when I tested just now, although the LoC Z39.50 server is known to have occasional outages.

If you have access to the command line on your Koha server, try the following command:

yaz-client lx2.loc.gov/LCDB

If it can connect at all, you should see something like this:

Sent initrequest.
Connection accepted by v3 target.
ID     : 81
Name   : Metaproxy/YAZ
Version: 1.11.2/5.15.3 7b9b025f4ca925ef5a1a939b989f8b35d3a17a72
Options: search present scan namedResultSets
Elapsed: 0.431115

If it cannot connect, it may signify that there is a firewall in place that is blocking access to port 210 on the LoC Z39.50 server.

If it *can* connect, you can try running a search at the "Z>" prompt like this:

Z> f @attr 1=4 "special relativity"

If it works, you should see something like this: in particular, what you're looking for is whether it returns a non-zero number of hits:

Sent searchRequest.
Received SearchResponse.
Search was a success.
Number of hits: 138, setno 1
records returned: 0
Elapsed: 0.847077

To exit yaz-client, just enter "quit" at the "Z>" prompt.

If you get this far and the yaz-client test indicates that the Koha server can reach and search LoC's Z39.50 server, then the next thing to check is the Z39.50 target definitions, which you can find in Home › Administration › Z39.50/SRU servers in the staff interface.

The entry for the LC Z39.50 server should have values like this:

Hostname: lxc.loc.gov
Port: 210
Database: LCDB
Encoding: utf8
Record type: Bibliographic


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