[Koha] how to leave quickly circulation message on specific items ?

Mathieu Saby mathieu.saby at univ-rennes2.fr
Tue Oct 16 21:23:28 NZDT 2012

My colleagues often need to leave messages that must be seen at check-in.
If the message concerns a patron, they can use Koha circulation message.
(for example : "umbrella lost at the library...")

But if the message concerns a specific item I think there is no easy way 
to do that.
(for example : "at check-in of THIS book, give it to head librarian / 
change the barcode / change the call number...")

At check in, the item public note is visible (in red), but we don't want 
these messages to be seen on the opac...

We can not use item non-public note for this purpose, because  :
- it is not visible at check-in
- it could not be filled in easily and quickly at check-out.

We could maybe use the "materials" item fields (mapped with 
items.materials), but I don't like that because if we do so, we could 
not use it for its normal purpose anymore (for example "One leaflet with 
this CD")

So most of my colleagues are using the patron circulation message with 
this kind of message :
"When the book with barcode ...... and title ..... is check-in, change 
the barcode"
But the message appears for each check-in...

Maybe there is a function I did not see ?
If not, don't you think it would be a pretty improvement to koha ?

Best regards
M. Saby
Rennes 2 University

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