[Koha] Introduction / Inventory questions

Natalie Weber natalie.a.weber at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 06:13:31 NZDT 2012

Wow, thank you for the quick replies everyone! I should have asked this
list long ago.

Sue said:

> We undertook a stocktake earlier this year using Koha 3.4.  We didn't use
> the stocktake module though.  What we did was return all items through the
> circulation desk.

If only we had a barcode scanner. =) We are very low-tech here. So I am
just hoping to get a list to print where I can check off items.

> Below is the report I use, which could also be used as a shelf check list.
> If you only have one branch then take out the highlighted line.  Not sure
> that it would work in your version but worth a try :)

Thank you! I will try something like your solution.

Chris said:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no reports module in
> 2.2.9 (not in the way there is in 3.2.0 onwards anyway).

Oh thank goodness you knew this. It was driving me crazy. Well, we clearly
needed to upgrade anyhow. Thanks for the links to backing up and upgrading.
We pretty much have not used the system at all and don't really need the
history, so I will probably just install the newest version, as Bob

> Now for some more bad news, upgrading from 2.2.9 (which is I think 6
> years old now and about 27 versions behind) is not super easy.

Haha, yeah, I think my predecessors did not think to check on upgrades. But
I had no idea we were that far behind!


> My gut first question is: Is this a windows installed version? The number
> makes me think of a windows version.

Hm, it is on a Mac and was migrated from another Mac where presumably it
was installed. In the About module where I found the number it actually
said something about Linux. Maybe the Linux/Mac versions of super-old KOHA
were the same?

Natalie Weber

MA student
Department of Linguistics
University of British Columbia

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