[Koha] Restrict Continuous Checking Out

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Mon Oct 8 06:36:40 NZDT 2012

Hi Manos,
Actually administer koha for an university's library with small collection
of books and large number of students. its the library's requirement not to
let a patron hold a particular item throughout the semester and not letting
other to have it for a once.

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> I know that my post doesn't give you the answer you seek, but out of
> curiosity, why would you want a book to remain in your library, unread,
> perhaps for ages? I can understand that a patron that has already borrowed
> a
> book, is to have the lowest priority when vying with other patrons, to
> borrow it again, but should no one want to read this item why not let
> him/her have it again?
> A more interesting question is, how does one prioritize two patrons'
> requests, that have both borrowed the specific item before? Does one take
> into account the number of times each has checked it out, the date they
> last
> returned it to the library, or simply give it to the patron that has
> re-requested the item earlier?
> MP
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> Hi there,
> Is possible to restrict a patron from checking same item twice back to
> back?
> A book must be checked by at least one patron before s/he can check it out
> again.
> I am using koha 3.02
> thanks in advance.
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Sheikh Faiyaz Moorsalin
Programmer, CITS
United International University.

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