[Koha] Restrict Continuous Checking Out

Manos PETRIDIS egpetridis at yahoo.com
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I know that my post doesn't give you the answer you seek, but out of
curiosity, why would you want a book to remain in your library, unread,
perhaps for ages? I can understand that a patron that has already borrowed a
book, is to have the lowest priority when vying with other patrons, to
borrow it again, but should no one want to read this item why not let
him/her have it again?

A more interesting question is, how does one prioritize two patrons'
requests, that have both borrowed the specific item before? Does one take
into account the number of times each has checked it out, the date they last
returned it to the library, or simply give it to the patron that has
re-requested the item earlier?


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Hi there,
Is possible to restrict a patron from checking same item twice back to back?
A book must be checked by at least one patron before s/he can check it out
I am using koha 3.02
thanks in advance.

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