[Koha] Restrict Continuous Checking Out

Mirko 5p4m at gmx.de
Mon Oct 8 08:06:38 NZDT 2012

sheikh303 schrieb am 07.10.2012 19:44:55
> Hi Manos,
> Actually administer koha for an university's library with small collection
> of books and large number of students. its the library's requirement not to
> let a patron hold a particular item throughout the semester and not letting
> other to have it for a once.

You could
- not allow renewals for this item type
- allow holds

That way a book that is requested by others would only remain at
person A for one loan period. Before they could renew it, somebody
else (person B) could reserve it. When A has to return it, B will
get it and only then it is possible for A to put a hold request to
get it again after B returns it (if no person C has reserved it
before). If there is no person B waiting, person A can renew the
book at the library. Does that make sense?

-- Mirko

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