[Koha] Koha - problem with holds

Linda Culberson lculber at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri Jun 17 06:37:31 NZST 2011

All,  We are on 3.4.1 and are getting an error message in the staff 
client for every hold for every type of patron and all item types, 
saying that the "None of these items can normally be put on hold for 
this patron"  After placing a hold, There is a message to "Please 
retrieve the items and check them in." when they weren't checked out.
If I manually check in an unchecked-out material before placing a hold 
on it, I don't get the "None of these items can be normally ...." error.

I have AllowOnShelfHolds  set to "Allow" hold requests to be placed on 
items that are not checked out.
ReservesNeedReturns is set to "Automatically" mark holds as found and 
waiting when a hold is placed specifically on them and they are already 
checked in.

Are one or both of these settings incorrect?  Or do I have something 
else that may be set incorrectly?

Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.


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