[Koha] Where is the link between authorities and biblios

Martin McGovern martin at oslo.ie
Fri Jun 17 03:22:24 NZST 2011


I have a Koha 3.4 database and when I add a new bibio and link it to an
existing authority: let's say I add a 100 tag and use the existing authority
Patterson, James which is also used on 3 other bibs. Once I save the record
and let the zebra indexing run (-z)  the number of bibs on the authority is
now 1, and it only links to the new bib. The link to the other 3 biblios has
disappeared. If I do a full reindex then all the authorities link to zero

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
Where is that link between authority and biblio stored ("Used in 3

This database showed the same behaviour in version 3.0.6 and maintains the
behaviour when upgraded to 3.4

I thought that the problem lay somewhere in zebra so I restored another
database to the same Koha install and tested authorities on it and it
behaves as you would expect. The number of bibs linked to the authority is
incremented each time you use it in another biblio.


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