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Kyle Hall kyle.m.hall at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 06:50:31 NZST 2011

You can check out my Koha VM's at
http://millruntech.com/koha/koha-virtual-appliances . I always release
them in pairs, one fully configured as a demo, and one without
configuration to use for testing and production. I also wrote an
ncurses based front-end to make it more 'appliancy'. This front end
gives you information about the system and lets you do things that
normally require you to log in via the command line ( including
updating the version of Koha ).


Mill Run Technology Solutions ( http://millruntech.com )
Crawford County Federated Library System ( http://www.ccfls.org )
Meadville Public Library ( http://www.meadvillelibrary.org )

2011/6/8 Tim Bateson <tim at monkeyx.net>:
> Hi Everyone,
> Is anyone looking at creating a virtualised version of Koha so that people
> could download a Virtual Machine based on
> Open Virtualisation Format Archive (OVA). I tend to use Virtualbox for
> testing VMs and have had to create a few Debian based
> VMs recently.
> What should be included? ie pre create a library, items, groups, patrons etc
> or just have a base install of 3.4 with nothing configured ?
> Would it be of any interest or help to do this?
> All the best,
> Tim
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