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See bug 5738 for a new feature in the 3.4 release that allows you to display the links in the 856$u fields as images.  If you scan your cover images as jpg (or any other image type file), you can put the link to the file in the 856$u field, and indicate with a valid mime type in the 856$q field that you want this particular file displayed as an image.  You have to turn on the appropriate xslt display options, and  set the OPACDisplay856uAsImage and/or the Display856uAsImage system preferences.  With all of that turned on, your scanned images appear.

One note, the system preferences default to "Both", but don't seem to be actually turned on to that option until you switch to another option, save, then switch back to "Both".

Also, see this thread where Joe Atzberger gave me some great tips on using the Apache "Redirect" to create the links to these images in a generic fashion so they can be moved in the future to another server.


Doug Dearden
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Hey all-

Is there anyway to upload cover images for each book into Koha? We're currently importing covers from Amazon for our books with ISBNS. However, we're hoping to create records for our student work (comic books) and would like to scan and add these covers to be displayed in the record as well.

Any ideas?


Caitlin McGurk
The Schulz Library
The Center for Cartoon Studies<http://www.cartoonstudies.org>
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