[Koha] cover images in koha

Wojciech Zatorski listy-in at zatorski.net
Thu Jun 2 06:49:07 NZST 2011

W dniu 2011-06-01 19:37, Caitlin McGurk pisze:
> Hey all-
> Is there anyway to upload cover images for each book into Koha? We're 
> currently importing covers from Amazon for our books with ISBNS. 
> However, we're hoping to create records for our student work (comic 
> books) and would like to scan and add these covers to be displayed in 
> the record as well.

I think it wouldn't be a problem to add this feature to standard version 
of koha by you.
Our fork has similar option:


The Main Library of Szczecin University.
Computerization Department.

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