[Koha] Amazon content

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Sep 30 03:21:53 NZDT 2009

Nelson Fredsell wrote:
> We have and therefore no longer have Amazon summaries in the
> OPAC.  Is it easy enough to move to 3.2 at this point, in order to regain
> this functionality?  Maybe due to instability of 3.2, we should just wait
> for 3.0 update...
> 3.2 apparently utilizes ASWPrivateKeyID: 
> http://koha.org/documentation/faq/why-do-i-need-a-awsprivatekey-for-amazon-content?searchterm=awsacces

The bug implementing that is

The corresponding patches are linked (as commit then diff) from
which you could ask your LMS maintainer to apply if you want to
try getting that functionality before 3.0.4 in a week or two.

Hope that helps,
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