[Koha] windows install fail... not sure of next steps.

Joy Payton joy.payton.aci at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 08:49:43 NZST 2009

Hi Friends,

I'm migrating an old clunky Access DB of bibliographic records to something
more platform and software-independent, a web-based open-source solution.  I
started with Greenstone, which seems ok for static data, but it's really a
chore to get new records in the system (especially for non-techies, which
most of my sisters -- I'm a nun working on a convent library -- definitely
aren't).  I've heard that Koha is better, but I can*not* get the darn thing
to install.

I'm trying to install on a vista system.  I installed Apache HTTP Server
2.0.63, MySQL Server 4.1 and Active Perl 5.10.1 build 1006 with the
configurations suggested by the Koha wiki KohaWinInstallation.  But I'm a
total newbie with all three of these pre-requisite programs so I've no real
way to see if I installed them well.  I DID make sure to change the Perl
path name to usr.

When I try to install Koha 2.2.9 (or 2.2.8), by double-clicking install.pl,
I get a quick flash of a console, too fast to read, and then nothing.
Nada.  A very patient use of hitting PrtSc finally got me a screenshot of
what my error message is: c:\usr\bin\perl.exe is the window name, and it
reports: "Use of uninitialized value $env{"home"} in concatenation (.) or
string at Install line 122.  Um, okay.  Not sure what that means for me.

Any tips out there for someone starting from scratch?  Much obliged.

Sr. Joy Payton, aci
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