[Koha] windows install fail... not sure of next steps.

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Sun Sep 6 09:04:15 NZST 2009

2009/9/6 Joy Payton <joy.payton.aci at gmail.com>:
> Hi Friends,
> I'm migrating an old clunky Access DB of bibliographic records to something
> more platform and software-independent, a web-based open-source solution.  I
> started with Greenstone, which seems ok for static data, but it's really a
> chore to get new records in the system (especially for non-techies, which
> most of my sisters -- I'm a nun working on a convent library -- definitely
> aren't).  I've heard that Koha is better, but I can*not* get the darn thing
> to install.
Greenstone and Koha are for 2 totally different things. Greenstone is
a digital repository and Koha  a library management system.
Greenstone you store digital content in, and search over. Koha you run
a library with.

So first off which is it you actually want to do? Secondly the windows
version is hideously out of date. You are far better off installing
the latest stable version on linux.


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