[Koha] windows install fail... not sure of next steps.

Joy Payton joy.payton.aci at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:36:10 NZST 2009

re: linux.  I'd love to install on Linux but I don't have a linux machine or
even a dedicated windows server.  What I have is a computer lab with 3 vista
computers, 4 old clunky XP, and the occasional laptop that floats in or
out.   Any way to make koha feasible on a windows vista box, or do I abandon
koha and look elsewhere?  I'm not wedded to the idea of koha, I'm just
looking for the best open-source web-access bibliographic (no circulation,
just plain access to and capacity to easily add bibliographic records)
engine.  Tips?

2009/9/5 Chris Cormack <chris at bigballofwax.co.nz>

> 2009/9/6 Joy Payton <joy.payton.aci at gmail.com>:
> > Hi Friends,
> >
> > I'm migrating an old clunky Access DB of bibliographic records to
> something
> > more platform and software-independent, a web-based open-source
> solution.  I
> > started with Greenstone, which seems ok for static data, but it's really
> a
> > chore to get new records in the system (especially for non-techies, which
> > most of my sisters -- I'm a nun working on a convent library --
> definitely
> > aren't).  I've heard that Koha is better, but I can*not* get the darn
> thingç

> > to install.
> >
> Greenstone and Koha are for 2 totally different things. Greenstone is
> a digital repository and Koha  a library management system.
> Greenstone you store digital content in, and search over. Koha you run
> a library with.
> So first off which is it you actually want to do? Secondly the windows
> version is hideously out of date. You are far better off installing
> the latest stable version on linux.
> Chris
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