[Koha] windows install fail... not sure of next steps.

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Hello Joy,
Perhaps you already know your options...a) If you need any of the Windows boxes to be available all the time, try 'virtualization' to run Linux 'alongside' Windows. This usually needs a lot more resources (like memory) than is normal for the everyday desktop.
If you run Windows Vista, you probably already have a glut of memory on it.
b) Else, install Linux on one of the Windows boxes to make a dual-boot machine. You can boot into and out of Linux/Windows whenever you wish, and install Koha on Linux
The 'old, clunky XP' machines will do just fine. PC manufacturers and Wintel perpetuate the myth that every year or two, one needs a brand new box with twice the memory and processing power...
c) Try an older version of Koha (like 2.2.9) that has a Windows install. This is not really recommended, but it should serve most needs.

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re: linux.  I'd love to install on Linux but I don't have a linux machine or even a dedicated windows server.  What I have is a computer lab with 3 vista computers, 4 old clunky XP, and the occasional laptop that floats in or out.   Any way to make koha feasible on a windows vista box, or do I abandon koha and look elsewhere?  I'm not wedded to the idea of koha, I'm just looking for the best open-source web-access bibliographic (no circulation, just plain access to and capacity to easily add bibliographic records) engine.  Tips?  

2009/9/5 Chris Cormack <chris at bigballofwax.co.nz>

2009/9/6 Joy Payton <joy.payton.aci at gmail.com>:

> Hi Friends,
> I'm migrating an old clunky Access DB of bibliographic records to something
> more platform and software-independent, a web-based open-source solution.  I
> started with Greenstone, which seems ok for static data, but it's really a

> chore to get new records in the system (especially for non-techies, which
> most of my sisters -- I'm a nun working on a convent library -- definitely
> aren't).  I've heard that Koha is better, but I can*not* get the darn thingç


> to install.
Greenstone and Koha are for 2 totally different things. Greenstone is
a digital repository and Koha  a library management system.
Greenstone you store digital content in, and search over. Koha you run

a library with.

So first off which is it you actually want to do? Secondly the windows
version is hideously out of date. You are far better off installing
the latest stable version on linux.


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