[Koha] Patron Extended Attribute Import

Roche III, Edward edward_roche at solanco.k12.pa.us
Sat Sep 26 04:09:20 NZST 2009

Is it possible to import individual extended attributes as we add them?
If so, what would be the proper format be in the import file for the
field? I have tried "fieldname:value",  ""fieldname:value"" and
"""fieldname:value""". I used excel to manipulate the data an add the
one set of quotes and then save as CSV. When I open the file in a text
editor the quotes become 3 sets instead of one.  This is where I tried
the different sets of quotes. If I import all the fields in the same
import they show up but if I then try to import another one later it
doesn't work. It says it imported fine and the original fields and
values are there in the DB but the new ones are not and the strangest
part is if I pull up a student through Koha and look at the patron
detail page the values are there but if I go to the screen to edit that
attributes they are blank. IF I save it deletes the values but if I
cancel it doesn't.


Any thought?





Edward J. Roche

Network Administrator

Solanco School District

717.786.2151 x2437



"At the End of the Day, Did You Play to Win or Not to Lose?" 





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