[Koha] Questions on upgrading from Koha 3.0.1 to 3.0.2/3

Bibliotecario Casa Balthasar bibliotecacb at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 04:08:04 NZST 2009


Thank you very much for your disponibilité (which is a rather nice word in
Italian and French that unhappily hardly exists any longer in English as
disponibility, though one can find it in the OED).  I spoke with my director
today, and we're committed to getting our changes (the very few changes
we've made) into Koha in the hopes of making some small contribution.  I
won't be able to start working on it, unfortunately, before the end of

The extent of the changes we've made, outside of some edits for OPAC's xslt
so that it displays a few fields that are of interest to us (something I
immagine that isn't very interesting for everyone else), are to the plugins
for the Leader and 008 for biblio and authorities
in order to permit various possibilities in MARC that weren't available
through the plugins.

Given all this, it seems to me like the 1st option you suggested is probably
a bit much (at least if you don't tell me otherwise).  At the same time,
I've been asking myself if these few changes we've made haven't already been
anticipated between 3.01 and 3.03 or even more recently; would you have any
idea about this?

En tout cas, je vous remercie humblement.

2009/9/24 LAURENT Henri-Damien <henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com>

> Bibliotecario Casa Balthasar a écrit :
>> Dear Henri,
>> No, unfortunately we haven't been using any version control system.  Just
>> to be clear, not having used version control, our only option is what MJ had
>> suggested?
>> Thanks,
>> Patrick Redmon
>> Librarian
>> Casa Balthasar
> You have two solutions :
> 1) More risky and maybe you could loose some features in Master.
> a) clone a fresh master install of Koha Code (with git)
> b) copy your Koha sources over that.
> Then check for diffs via git diff
> And commit feature by feature.
> Long, hard, and maybe not so safe (considering all the code which has
> commited over 2 years.)
> BUT could be rewarding in the end.
> 2) Safer, could also be a possibility to secure all YOUR changes. Apply
> what MJ said :
> a) unpack 3.0.1
> b) install with git.
> c) copy your code over, and then store modifications with features commits.
> This would secure your features.
> c) You could then try and rebase over master.
> I bet you would have some threeway merging to do.
> But could be rewarding.
> I am looking forward to helping you in getting your code safely in Koha.
> But It is not an easy task.
> --
> Henri-Damien LAURENT

Patrick Redmon
Casa Balthasar
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