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Alejandro Tiraboschi altiraboschi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 23:28:52 NZST 2009

Hi Zachary: you have some problems with you migration
1) NML.mrc is not a MARC file. You must convert this file (that should be
renamed as NML.mrk) with  marcmaker of MarcEdit
2) Field 100.  It is a no repetible field. It seems that you split the name
of the authors in 2 fields,
=100  0$a"Jeanne".
=100  1$a"Titherington".
should be
=100  1\$aTitherington, Jeanne
(without ", without points)
3) Field 020. You must put "\\" as indicators and it is better to eliminate
the dashs
=020  $a"0-688-09930-0"
should be
=020  \\$a0688099300
4) The title must be in the field 245, not in 130.
=130  $a"Pumpkin Pumpkin".
must be
=245  1\$aPumpkin Pumpkin.
(with point at the end).
5) Apparenlty the date that you put in the field of publication data is not
the date of publication. The CVS file have a field ("published") that is the
date of publication. For example the first register
=LDR  00000nam  2200000Ia 45e0
=008  090314s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=020  $a"0-439-06073-7"
=100  0$a"Katherine".
=100  1$a"Paterson".
=130  $a"Jip".
=260  $b"Scholastic".$c"1/14/2009".
should be
=LDR  00000nam  2200000Ia 45e0
=008  090314s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=020  \\$a0439060737
=100  1\$aPaterson, Katherine
=245  1\$aJip.
=260  \\$bScholastic, $c1996
=300  \\$a180 p.

I add \\ indicators in field 260 and I add also field 300 with number of

5) Convert your mrk file to a UTF8 file before the conversion

These suggestions (I think) only help to you to import the generated MARC
file in Koha. A much better conversion could be do with the help of a
librarian with MARC expertise.

In your CVS there is no way (I think) to get the data of the physical items,
because there are not barcodes. So,  when you import the generated MARC file
you would not have items to borrow.

Alejandro Tiraboschi

2009/9/19 Zachary Tucker <zbtucker at gmail.com>

> Hello all!
> This is my first post to the Koha list, and I am glad to see there is such
> an active community around the product.  I've only used it for a few days,
> but I am already very happy with my decision to use Koha over Evergreen,
> OpenBiblio, etc.
> My question pertains to importing existing book records.  I have a listing
> of all our records in a CSV file... which contains info such as title,
> author, etc.  The file is attached for reference.  In an attempt to import
> that data, I converted that CSV information to MARC records.  the converted
> file is attached for reference also.  But, when I try to import the MARC
> file, I get an error that the staging was not completed because there are
> MARC errors.
> So, I suppose my question has a lot mini questions... did I go about
> importing the wrong way?  Did I convert the CSV file incorrectly?  Did I map
> the data to the wrong MARC fields?  I followed the LOC's MARC guide when
> doing the conversion, but apparently I did something wrong.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Zach Tucker
> IT Director, Nelson Memorial Library
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