[Koha] MARC Data Import Question

Bob Birchall @ Calyx bob at calyx.net.au
Mon Sep 21 12:00:09 NZST 2009

Hi Zachary,
Your data appear to be missing important fields that Koha will need: home
branch, holding branch and barcode.  (These are stored at marc field 952 in
Koha).  I assume that your 'format' flag is equivalent to Koha's 'item
Did you convert your file to marc using a marc-creating tool such as
MarcEdit ? http://people.oregonstate.edu/~reeset/marcedit/html/index.php
Did you import the file to Koha using bulkmarcimport.pl from the command
line?  This will serve you better for your task than 'Stage Marc Records' in
the web interface.
Hope that helps,
Bob Birchall

> My question pertains to importing existing book records.  I have a listing
> of all our records in a CSV file... which contains info such as title,
> author, etc.  The file is attached for reference.  In an attempt to import
> that data, I converted that CSV information to MARC records.  the
> file is attached for reference also.  But, when I try to import the MARC
> file, I get an error that the staging was not completed because there are
> MARC errors.
> So, I suppose my question has a lot mini questions... did I go about
> importing the wrong way?  Did I convert the CSV file incorrectly?  Did I
> the data to the wrong MARC fields?  I followed the LOC's MARC guide when
> doing the conversion, but apparently I did something wrong.

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