[Koha] MARC Data Import Question

Marijana Glavica mglavica at ffzg.hr
Mon Sep 21 14:00:38 NZST 2009

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 09:57:24PM -0400, Zachary Tucker wrote:
>    Hello all!
>    This is my first post to the Koha list, and I am glad to see there is such
>    an active community around the product.  I've only used it for a few days,
>    but I am already very happy with my decision to use Koha over Evergreen,
>    OpenBiblio, etc.
>    My question pertains to importing existing book records.  I have a listing
>    of all our records in a CSV file... which contains info such as title,
>    author, etc.  The file is attached for reference.  In an attempt to import
>    that data, I converted that CSV information to MARC records.  the
>    converted file is attached for reference also.  But, when I try to import
>    the MARC file, I get an error that the staging was not completed because
>    there are MARC errors.
>    So, I suppose my question has a lot mini questions... did I go about
>    importing the wrong way?  Did I convert the CSV file incorrectly?  Did I
>    map the data to the wrong MARC fields?  I followed the LOC's MARC guide
>    when doing the conversion, but apparently I did something wrong.  
>    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>    Thanks,
>    Zach Tucker
>    IT Director, Nelson Memorial Library

Your converted file is not in proper format. It stayed in what MarcEdit
calls mnemonic file and you have to convert it to MARC. I am not using
MarcEdit, but I suppose that MarcMaker function will do the job.


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