[Koha] Holds to Pull empty - solution

Agnes Rivers-Moore arm at hanover.ca
Fri Sep 18 07:49:15 NZST 2009

Dear List

I am writing this here in case anyone else still has this problem, and 
also to thank Bob Birchall @ Calyx, who posted this last month, and 
saved us hours of head scratching!

 > We have an entry in the issues table with a NULL itemnumber.  This is
 > causing the 'holds to pull' report to fail.
 > Is it safe to simply delete the corrupt row from the issues table?

Sure enough, we did have 3 rows in our issues table, where the 
itemnumber, branch and patron were null, but there was a checked-out 
date. I have no idea how Koha allows this to happen, but as soon as the 
rogue rows were deleted, the report worked.



Agnes Rivers-Moore
Assistant Librarian
Hanover Public Library

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