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Amy Schuler schulera at caryinstitute.org
Fri Sep 18 07:31:21 NZST 2009

This is a follow up to the question I asked awhile back about importing records using bulkmarcimport.pl vs. the staff interface.  Sounds like bulkmarcimport is the way to go.  My understanding is that using bulkmarcimport is what I should use for records that have items attached.

I am running Koha v. 3.0.2 on Windows.  How exactly do I use bulkmarcimport.pl to import records into my database?  I saw some instructions in this listserve's archive, but it was for an earlier version of Koha.  I expect that my IT department will do the importing (not me) so do I need to provide them with certain information?  And finally - we are NOT using zebra (only 10,000 records) but is there any kind of re-indexing job that will need to be done after the import?


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