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Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Sep 11 10:57:05 NZST 2009

* BWS Johnson (mhelman at illinoisalumni.org) wrote:
>    Salvete!
>    >The 2 ideas might not be exclusive. The "official", worldwide kohaCon
>    Oh no, I'm a hedonist. I don't do well with exclusive.
>    >in NZ. A KohaCon US: given the state of the economy, I doubt many
>    >people in the US will have founding to go over to New Zealand, so a
>    >KohaCon US is in order in any case. And a KohaCon Europe, for the same
>    >(sad, economic) reasons.
>    *nod*
>    >Or: KohaCon NZ in 2010. KohaCon US in 2010 too. KohaCon Europe in 2011.
>    >But I personally would love (I don't know how to stress this enough)
>    >to go to Wellington, visit Levin and Horowhenua LT, meet with some
>    >people in Real Life for the 1st time. And there are French-speaking
>    >islands in the South Pacific too: maybe I can go visit them to try to
>    >convince them to switch to Koha.
>    A couple of caveats. If there were to be local flavours, which I think is
>    a good idea (you have this with IFLA, ALA, CILIP, et cetera) I would urge
>    meticulous advance planning so that multiple conferences didn't conflict.
>    I'd love to see a regional approach similar to my Fraternity's employed.
>    Our National conference rotates by Region every other year, so that
>    eventually, it will be in your backyard. Also, my Fraternity sets things
>    up so that there's a regional conference in alternation with the National.
>    This allows people to get to both if they choose without too much strain
>    on the budget.
>    I remember people voicing that they got their funding a little late to get
>    to KohaCon in Plano. When is an ideal time, if ever? Obviously we want to
>    accommodate both programmers and librarians. Maybe I am showing my bias,
>    but I would think that early August might be a good time for us. (That
>    said, I'd love NZ to be in January for purposes of getting Chris
>    cocktails. It goes back to the lost New Year's. I can't help it! Who
>    knows, this might not be good for Chris.)

November is looking likely at the moment, as that is when the university students are on break, and we can get venues for the conference easily.

But I'm still exploring options... it will be in the latter half of the year to allow for people to budge though, also thats when the weather is nice.


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