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Chris - we need exact dates ASAP :)

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 6:57 PM, Chris Cormack <chrisc at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:
> * BWS Johnson (mhelman at illinoisalumni.org) wrote:
>>    Salvete!
>>    >The 2 ideas might not be exclusive. The "official", worldwide kohaCon
>>    Oh no, I'm a hedonist. I don't do well with exclusive.
>>    >in NZ. A KohaCon US: given the state of the economy, I doubt many
>>    >people in the US will have founding to go over to New Zealand, so a
>>    >KohaCon US is in order in any case. And a KohaCon Europe, for the same
>>    >(sad, economic) reasons.
>>    *nod*
>>    >Or: KohaCon NZ in 2010. KohaCon US in 2010 too. KohaCon Europe in 2011.
>>    >But I personally would love (I don't know how to stress this enough)
>>    >to go to Wellington, visit Levin and Horowhenua LT, meet with some
>>    >people in Real Life for the 1st time. And there are French-speaking
>>    >islands in the South Pacific too: maybe I can go visit them to try to
>>    >convince them to switch to Koha.
>>    A couple of caveats. If there were to be local flavours, which I think is
>>    a good idea (you have this with IFLA, ALA, CILIP, et cetera) I would urge
>>    meticulous advance planning so that multiple conferences didn't conflict.
>>    I'd love to see a regional approach similar to my Fraternity's employed.
>>    Our National conference rotates by Region every other year, so that
>>    eventually, it will be in your backyard. Also, my Fraternity sets things
>>    up so that there's a regional conference in alternation with the National.
>>    This allows people to get to both if they choose without too much strain
>>    on the budget.
>>    I remember people voicing that they got their funding a little late to get
>>    to KohaCon in Plano. When is an ideal time, if ever? Obviously we want to
>>    accommodate both programmers and librarians. Maybe I am showing my bias,
>>    but I would think that early August might be a good time for us. (That
>>    said, I'd love NZ to be in January for purposes of getting Chris
>>    cocktails. It goes back to the lost New Year's. I can't help it! Who
>>    knows, this might not be good for Chris.)
> November is looking likely at the moment, as that is when the university students are on break, and we can get venues for the conference easily.
> But I'm still exploring options... it will be in the latter half of the year to allow for people to budge though, also thats when the weather is nice.
> Chris
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