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Ata ur Rehman ata.rehman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:35:33 NZST 2008

Dear Vijay Kumar

I am pasting your records (vijay.mrc file) here for inline comments:


Your posted file vijay.mrc is not an mrc file. It is .mrk file and you have
to convert it into .mrc using marcedit before importing it into Koha

=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 45e0
Replace all 45e0 value with 4500 before converting this file to .mrc
=008  080915s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=082  \\$a681.32.06$bKER
=100  \\0$aKERNIGHAN(Brian W) & PIKE(R)1$aPIKE(R)
100 tag is not repeatable according to MARC21 standard, So you can not use
more than one $a values in 100.  For multiple authors you have to use 750$a
(Added entry for personal names)
=245  \\$aThe Unix programmming environment
=260  \\$aNew Jersey$bPrentice- Hall$c1984
=300  \\$ax+357$fJune'95
300$f is for Type of Unit, but you have mentioned some date here.  Use
standard 300$a, $b and $c
=440  \\$aPrentice- Hall Software Series
=850  \\$aRRI
I don't know what is 850 $a (If it is some hodling information, you have to
use 942 tag)
=999  \\$1003
999$1 is not defined in Koha (I am using Koha 2).  If it is some local
number denoting items, then you have to mention it in 952

=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 45e0
=008  080915s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=082  \\$a524.7(063)$bSAN-7
=245  \\$a"Astrophysics of active galaxies and quasi-stellar
objects.Proceedings of the 7th Santa Cruz workshop onAstrophysics,
California, USA, July 16-27, 1984"
=260  \\$aOxford$bOxford University Press$c1985
=300  \\$a519$fJune'95
=850  \\$aRRI
=999  \\$1002

=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 45e0
=008  080915s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=082  \\$a54$bSIE
=100  \\0$aSIENKO(Michell J) & PLANE(Robert A)1$aPLANE(Robert A)
=245  \\$aChemistry
=260  \\$aNew York$bMcGraw-Hill$c1966
=300  \\$a1+623$fHBK
=850  \\$aRRI
=999  \\$1001

=LDR  00000nam a2200000Ia 45e0
=008  080915s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d
=082  \\$a52(091)(540)$bDIK
=100  \\0$aDIKSHIT(S B)1$aVAIDYA(R V) Tr
=245  \\$aBharatiya jyotish sastra (History of Indian Astronomy)
=260  \\$aDelhi$bGovt. of India Press$c1969
=300  \\$axxxiv+147$fRaman Collection
=650  \\0$a<astronomy ><vedic-astronomy
><history-of-astronomy><indian-astronomy ><>
=850  \\$aRRI
=999  \\$1000

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 4:57 PM, vijay kumar <vijcrjbhu at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> Sorry for writing to you personally, I got your emailId through koha
> mailing list.
> Myself vijay from INDIA and I have more than  2,00,000 records to
> import. I am using koha3
> I have problem regarding importing of marc records in koha,
> first i have converted a simple text file into marc through MarcEdit.
> During importing I am not getting any error and I am able to see all
> fields in OPAC as well as in staff-client.
> 1)But problem is I am not able to see subject added entry for a record
>  in OPAC,it only shows subjects :<>
> so when I click on <>
> shows subject entry as a pop-up windows
> I am using 650$a for subject adeed entry.
> 2)second if i have more than 2 authors than how i mentioned marc tag
> for each author name
> 3) how can i use this tag 999$c
> For sample, I attached two file
> Title:245$a     245$c
> Author:100$a    Author:100$c
> Edition:250$a   Place of publication:260$a      Publisher:260$b
> Year:260$c
> Pagination 300$a
> Series Title:440$a
> type of materials:300$f

Type of material can be given at 245$h or in 942 (holding information)

> ISBN:020$a
> classification:082$a    080$b
> local no:999$c
> subjectadded entry:650$a
> holding:850$a
> I am very thankful to you for this kindly help,
> With regrads,
> vijay kumar
> bangalore
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