[Koha] Premature end of script headers

Rob Weir robweir at alum.drexel.edu
Wed Jan 30 08:08:08 NZDT 2008

Apache is configured to use virtual hosts, so you should be typing 
either "opac" or "intranet" in the address bar of your browser to access 
koha, not

If apache is running, you should get the apache default splash screen 
when you access On my system, it just says "It works!"

What version of perl is installed? Did all the perl modules install 
correctly when you did the koha install?


sharath raju wrote:
>  >> Strangely, I am faced with a new problem. When I try to open 
>, in firefox, the status bar shows Waiting for 
> <> and a  blank DOS window titled 
> C:\usr\bin\perl.hwd opens. If I close this DOS window, then I get the 
> usual "Premature end of script header" message
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