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Weinheimer Jim j.weinheimer at aur.edu
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I had exactly the same problem. I think you may understand this problem better if you go into the MySQL tables and just browse the tables. As in most systems, the records are in the database twice: 1) as a MARC record and 2) a second time in various relational tables, where the authors, titles, subjects, etc. are. The information that comes out with the <!-- TMPL_VAR  NAME="author" --> comes from the second areas, NOT from the MARC records.

For some reason, only a single additional author is put into additionalauthors table, and this is where the information you get comes from. Because of this, I have opted for the main record to display in the ISBD version, where I have complete control over the view of the record. So, I have substantially reworked the ISBD display to do what I think it needs to do. As an example, see:

If you want my ISBD display to work with on your own, I would be happy to send it.

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> Hi there!
> SIPRI library in Stockholm, Sweden is aiming to become a Koha library
> shortly. Our IT-staff helped us to download and install the system
> (version 2.2.9 on Linux) and we in the library have been making the
> necessary changes and adjustments in templates and parameters to shape
> the catalogue to our satisfaction. Although we are learning as we go
> along, our knowledge of Perl and programming is fairly limited, which is
> why we would appreciate any help more experienced Koha users might be
> able to offer us. Our main problem at the moment concerns "additional
> authors":
> For some reason no matter how many additional authors we enter in
> repeated 700 fields (we use Marc21), only the last one is visible in the
> OPAC and we have had no success in trying to fix this. Suggestions?
> Sincerely,
> Magdalena Söderqvist
> librarian
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