[Koha] Additional authors in OPAC?

Magdalena Söderqvist soderqvist at sipri.org
Fri Jan 25 03:47:47 NZDT 2008

Hi there!

SIPRI library in Stockholm, Sweden is aiming to become a Koha library 
shortly. Our IT-staff helped us to download and install the system 
(version 2.2.9 on Linux) and we in the library have been making the 
necessary changes and adjustments in templates and parameters to shape 
the catalogue to our satisfaction. Although we are learning as we go 
along, our knowledge of Perl and programming is fairly limited, which is 
why we would appreciate any help more experienced Koha users might be 
able to offer us. Our main problem at the moment concerns "additional 

For some reason no matter how many additional authors we enter in 
repeated 700 fields (we use Marc21), only the last one is visible in the 
OPAC and we have had no success in trying to fix this. Suggestions?

Magdalena Söderqvist

Magdalena Söderqvist
SIPRI Library
Signalistgatan 9
SE-169 70 SOLNA

Tel +46 8 655 97 78
Fax +46 8 655 97 33
E-mail: soderqvist at sipri.org

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