[Koha] patron list and printer driver

Auburn Public Library auburnpl at iowatelecom.net
Thu Sep 27 09:28:33 NZST 2007


I am the director of a small public library and run koha on Ubuntu 
Linux.  I am having trouble printing a list of registered borrowers.  
For some reason, when I pull up the list of "members" they will all 
display on the screen but only two pages worth will print.  Any clues?

Also, I really would like to be able to use my old slip printer with 
koha.  Has anyone written a Linux driver for slip printers?  Ours is a 
Citizen, model iDP3550.  I know of another library with a similar 
printer, that is considering switching to koha, but won't do it without 
their slip printer.  If anyone wants to tackle this, I'd be really grateful.


Kim Olson
Auburn Public Library
auburnpl at iowatelecom.net

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