[Koha] Help on koha for windows please?

benson Mugambi mnjoben at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 22:03:09 NZST 2007

I have installed  koha 2.2.8 on windowsxp for evaluation purpose and everything seems to be working fine except for some concerns which i wish i can solve fast and move on. From the localhost, it is possible to access all the features just by typing http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/mainpage.pl or http://localhost however from the intranet, i can only access the opac. My problem is how then do i avail the circulation feature to the circulation staff, and the catloguing module to the cataloguers? Do i have to do any configuration at the server, or at the clients? I need to access other features from the local network clients other than just the opac, how do i do this?
  Secondly, how do i allocate access previledges for the staff?
  Help out, am stuck.

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