[Koha] How this all works

Bakhti-Suroosh, Monica monica.bakhti-suroosh at vsp.virginia.gov
Wed Apr 11 05:02:10 NZST 2007

I would like to apologize right now for my ignorance in all things
technical. I am a librarian for a State agency with huge budget issues. It
is my understanding from your website and research that I have done, that I
should be able to run Koha free of charge if I use my own technical team. I
have installed the software(from the Windows download page) to one of my
computers in our actual library and it is running very well. I find it to be
very user friendly. The issue I have is how to make it accessible to the
entire department based around the state. We have a main server in our
headquarters building, and due to the politics of the situation I need to
put in a request to the IT department which is contracted to Northrup Gruman
(an outside firm). I need to understand if it is enough that it is installed
already on my computer so that it could act as the server/host and just have
the file sharing (?) available, or do they need to install it on the main
server, if so what does that involve, so I know what to ask for?

Thank You and again, please forgive me.
Monica B. Suroosh

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