[Koha] How this all works

Lawrence Bean lbean at u47.k12.me.us
Wed Apr 11 05:26:39 NZST 2007

"Bakhti-Suroosh, Monica" <monica.bakhti-suroosh at vsp.virginia.gov> writes:
>I need to understand if it is enough that it is installed
>already on my computer so that it could act as the server/host and just
>the file sharing (?) available, or do they need to install it on the main
>server, if so what does that involve, so I know what to ask for?

It is my understanding that all you need is the following:
1) Koha installed and working on a computer
2) That computer has a full-time internet connection
3) That computer either has a permanently fixed IP address/name or is set
up to use a dynamic IP address/name service (www.dyndns.com)
4) That computer is accessible from the internet over port 80 (for
clients) and alternately port 8080 if you want to allow administrative
access remotely.

Depending on your particular situation, #4 may be the real issue. If your
systems are heavily firewalled, your tech department may be reluctant to
open ports to public traffic, or may require the machine to be housed in a
certain facility in order to be isolated from other department machines.

The way to test, however, is to find the IP address of your machine, go to
another machine in your department, open a web browser, and ensure you can
get client/admin access. After that, as long as your IP is not:
then you probably have a public IP address - try getting client/admin
access from a public computer and see what happens!

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