[Koha] Wrong person listed in 245$c statement of responsibility after import

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Nov 5 00:46:19 NZDT 2023


I don't see any obvious mistake in the mapping, but if you have the
author in 100$a and 245$c it should work out.

Koha imports the MARC record as is, not making changes to it (unless you
are using MARC modification templates).

Maybe one common mistake: when creating items and maybe other fields,
make sure that all subfields for one item are within the same field:
952$a...$b... instead of separate 952 fields.

Hope this helps,


On 31.10.23 11:25, Aida Djikic wrote:
> Hello all,
> What could I be doing wrong when it comes to my attempt to import theses
> and dissertations into Koha via MarcEdit? They were exported from an old
> program not really meant for libraries and have been saved as an Excel
> file. Some of these records would be treated as items in Koha, but in that
> program they were duplicates distinguished by additional designation added
> to the call numbers.
> After some early issues I thought I had worked them out, and have focused
> on cleaning up the data since so I can continue importing it. However,
> recently I noticed that the persons listed in 245$c statement of
> responsibility do not correspond to the person that should be there (the
> author of the thesis).
> I am wondering where I could have made a mistake in the import process that
> could have resulted in such an error. These are the fields I ultimately
> decided to use in Excel, with the help of Fred and Lauren (names in the
> example redacted for privacy):
> 003$0 Control number identifier BA-SaSST
> 040$c Transcribing agency BA-SaSST
> 041$a Language eng
> 080$a UDC 004.65
> 080$x UDC aux (043.2)
> 100$a Author Surname, Name
> 245$a Title Software application for accounting and quantity management of
> goods :
> 245$b Remainder of title undergraduate thesis /
> 245$c Statement of responsibility, etc. Name Surname
> 264$a Place of publication Sarajevo
> 264$b Publisher N. Surname
> 264$c Year of publication 2008
> 300$a Physical description (pages) [ ], [ ] pages
> 300$b Physical description (illustr. etc.) ill. ;
> 300$c Physical description (dimensions) 30 cm.
> 500$a General note Includes an abstract.
> 502$a Dissertation note Computer Science major with Economics minor
> 502$b Degree type Undergraduate degree
> 502$c Degree granting institution [dgg] University Sarajevo School of
> Science and Technology
> 502$d Year degree granted 2008
> 504$a Bibliographical and other notes Includes bibliography and other notes.
> 526$a Study program information Undergraduate degree in Computer Science
> and Economics
> 563$a Binding Perfect paperback
> 700$a Thesis advisor [name] Surname, Name
> 700$e Thesis advisor [relator term] Thesis advisor
> 546$a Language English
> 650$a Subject added entry Computer science
> 653$a Index term - uncontrolled Economics
> 942$c Koha Item type TH
> 952$a Home library LBRM21
> 952$b Current library LBRM21
> 952$1 Lost 0
> 952$8 Collection code BSc_CS-ECON
> 952$c Location THESES
> 952$i Inventory number T0013/2008
> 952$o Full call number 004.65(043.2) SUR Sof
> 952$t copy number 1
> 952$p Barcode SSSTKL0000001
> 952$y Item TH
> Should I only import records at first, then add items from within Koha?
> In addition to the above issue, I have also noticed that the import doesn't
> result in a record + an item in cases where I have two or more copies of a
> thesis but it imports them as separate records. How can I make sure to
> import multiple copies as items?
> I was thinking about asking this at the next cataloging SIG but I am not
> certain I would make it. Thank you in advance!

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