[Koha] Beginners problems - Z39.50 and the reservoir

Giacomo Visini Giacomo.VISINI at divaantwerp.be
Sat Feb 11 02:46:32 NZDT 2023

Hi René,

I'm not sure if I completely understand your post, but you want to import 1 specific record using the Z39.50 application in the cataloging section, right? Normally, when you get a hit (through ISBN or whatever) you can import the data by clicking 'Import'. This will bring you to the 'Add MARC record'-editor, with most fields filled in. There you can add, delete, change your data the way you like it. On the upper left side you'll have the option to 'Save' the bibliographic record. That way the record will be saved and will be visible in your OPAC.

AFAIK, no "reservoir" is needed, nor the 'Manage staged records' tool.

Note: this is the way to work to import 1 record at a time. For batch imports, that's another question 😊

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I'm René Seindal, and I've been setting up an evaluation instance of Koha for my wife. I'm not a librarian, but she is. We're in Italy.

I've installe Koha on an existing Debian testing system. Everything apparently went smooth and after configuration the public and the intra sites are functioning. As far as I can see the 'koha-common' services are running as they should.

I then searched for an ISBN in the Italian National Library Service through Z39.50. Found the book, imported it (got it twice for some
reason) and the records are now in the "reservoir".

I can see them in the Cataloging section but not anywhere else. It is not in the public catalog. I cannot do anything with them. I cannot move them to the real catalogue. I cannot remove them. I can select "Add biblio" on a menu, but that doesn't lead me anywhere either.

The "Manage staged records" section is empty.

I've managed to remove all the records in the reservoir by fiddling with a database cleanup cron job, but that removed them. The public catalog remained empty.

I'm stymied.

This is very basic, and I can't get it to work, so I presume I'm doing it wrong.

I hope some of you can help me out.

René Seindal

René Seindal

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