[Koha] Cataloging question - Electronic resource with no link (MARC21)

Caroline Cyr La Rose caroline.cyr-la-rose at inlibro.com
Thu May 19 02:18:40 NZST 2022

Hi Heather!

Thanks so much for your answer! (I was hoping you would answer because 
you're so knowledgable!)

If I understand correctly, $3 is indeed used to specify the library for 
which the link is used, and it is possible to omit $u (as you said, it 
dates back to when stuff would maybe be on cdroms).

I tried this in Koha

856 40 $3 Local periodical computer

and the staff interface and OPAC still showed a link. This may be 
because of ind1= 4. I tried with different access methods, including 
ind1 = 7 and 'file' in $2; Koha always shows a link, clickable, but that 
leads nowhere.

I also noticed that in the worldcat example for 'Encyclopedia of 
children and childhood', what I assume is in the $z (e.g. '(Unlimited 
Concurrent Users)') is not included in the clickable part of the link. 
Whereas in Koha, if you put something in $z, it will be clickable.

I understand it's a very fringe case that 856 would be used for 
electronic resources that are not online (no $u). But to me, only 
$a/$d/$f, $u and $y should be in the clickable part of the link. The 
rest should be regular text. And if there is no $a/$d/$f or $u, there 
should be no link at all (not even the 'Click here').

Maybe I will file a bug in bugzilla and see what others say, unless 
someone else on the mailing list has an opinion.

Thank you again!


On 2022-05-17 17:16, Hernandez, Heather H wrote:
> Hi, Caroline--
> It's the way that it's supposed to work--if you look at this record on 
> WorldCat.org:
> http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/51900244
> You'll see a link that says, "Flint Campus only," etc.--all the links 
> have text indicating authorized users only (text that's been put into 
> the 856 $z).
> It's supposed to work like that because many places have electronic 
> resources that are available only to authorized users of particular 
> networks.  It dates back to when some resources would even be on 
> CDRoms mounted on particular computers/drives that only authorized 
> users could access.
> For the resource you're describing, if it were my library, I'd do 
> something like:
> 856 40 $3 Research Center access $u http://...  $z Requires staff login
> They might want, e.g.:
> 856 40 $3 Local periodical computer
> 856 40 $3 In-library access only
> You can use only the $3 if you want, too--we only use that field, and 
> it will display in place of "Click here to access," e.g.:
> Details for: A dream of seven decades San Francisco's Aquatic Park / › 
> SF Maritime NHP Research Center catalog (bywatersolutions.com) 
> <https://keys.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=35047>
> I try to always put something into the $3, because "Click here to 
> access" is antiquated, when so many users are tapping on their phones, 
> and in the situation like you describe where not everyone is 
> authorized to access.
> Cheerio!
> --h2
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