[Koha] Multiple Check-in Boxes in One Sitting

Hernandez, Heather H Heather_Hernandez at nps.gov
Tue May 10 03:06:24 NZST 2022

Hi, Charles--

I worked in Innovative libraries from the Innovac through the Sierra years, and am familiar with the function you're describing.  Koha's serials functions, IMO, are designed more for current subscriptions and receipt, when you would be receiving the current issue only.  We add back issues (especially groups of back issues) via editing items--there is, to us, no reason to add them via receipt in the serials area.  With Innovative, this design of the serials module was to facilitate later binding functions, etc., which Koha does differently (via batch item modification), so, IMO, Koha has no reason to function in the ways that Innovative does/did.  Koha's serials subscriptions are very much for what is being published now and in the future, with the edit items areas for the past/already published.

I'm sorry if I've missed it, but it seems to me that if you're trying to add multiple issues of a serial, why not add them in the editing items area where you can easily add groups of items, then have your subscription record designed to receive the issues that will be published and sent to you from now on--that is, your current subscription.

I'm not familiar with serials that publish groups of issues on a current subscription--perhaps that's what you have?  If so, I'd love to learn about it!



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