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Charles Kelley cmkelleymls at gmail.com
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Hello, Ms. Hernandez!

    In our latest exchange, on 10 May 2022 at 00:06 [JST], you wrote:

I worked in Innovative libraries from the Innovac through the Sierra years,
> and am familiar with the function you're describing.  Koha's serials
> functions, IMO, are designed more for current subscriptions and receipt,
> when you would be receiving the current issue only.  We add back issues
> (especially groups of back issues) via editing items--there is, to us, no
> reason to add them via receipt in the serials area.  With Innovative, this
> design of the serials module was to facilitate later binding functions,
> etc., which Koha does differently (via batch item modification), so, IMO,
> Koha has no reason to function in the ways that Innovative does/did.
> Koha's serials subscriptions are very much for what is being published now
> and in the future, with the edit items areas for the past/already
> published.

    Yes, I understand.

> I'm sorry if I've missed it, but it seems to me that if you're trying to
> add multiple issues of a serial, why not add them in the editing items area
> where you can easily add groups of items, then have your subscription
> record designed to receive the issues that will be published and sent to
> you from now on--that is, your current subscription.

    I did not know Koha could do this. I'll have to research it.

I'm not familiar with serials that publish groups of issues on a current
> subscription--perhaps that's what you have? If so, I'd love to learn about
> it!

    Neither am I. Almost every serial I know of publishes one issue at a
time, some with a supplement; and occasionally, a few publish two issues in
one printing for logisitical reasons. But I haven't heard of a serial that
publishes more than that. That said, I'm sure there is in the vast universe
at least one. I just don't know of tim. I'm trying to add and check in a
bunch of serial issues at one sitting instead of tediously adding one issue
at a time and then checking in a bunch.

    It's a backlog and conversion problem from an Access database to a full
ILS. Since the issues are no longer current, I may just list them in a 362
field; and begin check-in boxes for newly arrived issues and expected

    Thanks for your suggestion.



    -- Charles.

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