[Koha] Linking via 830$w

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Mon Jan 3 03:41:51 NZDT 2022

Hi Anke,

yes, the original idea was to have the series link behave consistently,
independent of it being a traced or untraced series. But as said, the
behavior can be quite easily changed with jQuery.

Hope this helps


On 02.01.22 14:01, Bruns, Anke wrote:
> Hi Katrin,
> thank you very much for this info! One question remains, however, for me.
> Referring to (I think) the traced series mentioned in the paragraph before, you explain:
>> In this case linking horizontally to the other parts of the series
>> instead of linking to the set record was chosen by design, assuming it
>> would make more sense to the user. Especially since untraced series
>> don't have a set record and the link can only link to the parts.
> Now I am somewhat confused as - however much sense it makes to link horizontally with untraced series - traced series do have a set record to which a link might vertically refer. Still, this isn't what happens in Koha. Was, then, horizontal linking chosen by design for both types of series, traced and untraced, or should there be vertical / upward links in the parts of traced series?
> Best regards, and a Good New Year to everyone!
> Anke

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