[Koha] Linking via 830$w

Thomas Klausner domm at plix.at
Tue Jan 4 03:31:07 NZDT 2022


On Sat, Jan 01, 2022 at 01:56:31PM +0100, Katrin Fischer wrote:
> is this an 830 from a traced series entry?


> The 830 here is used for a traced series entry in combination with a 490
> ind. 1 = 1.

Not sure what you mean by "490 ind". But the relationship is definitly 
not 1:1, but n:1 (i.e. we're linking from a child to a parent)

> In this case linking horizontally to the other parts of the series
> instead of linking to the set record was chosen by design, assuming it
> would make more sense to the user. Especially since untraced series
> don't have a set record and the link can only link to the parts.

I think we are using this 830$w to link not horizontally, but 
vertically, from a book up to a sort of series ("Reihe"). We're not 100% 
sure this is correct, so we copied what DNB is doing (see again these 

linking via 830$w to

> But it could be changed locally of course as you said by just changing
> the index. If you don't want to change the XSLT file this can also be
> done quite easily with jQuery in OpacUserJs:

ok, that's another way to correct the param name.

We were just not sure if using 'rcn' instead of 'control-number' was a 
bug in Koha or our MARC. It seems it is neither, so we'll use a 
workaround to "correct" the param name.


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