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Hi Charles,

Unless you want to create your entire backlog, you don't need to enter 
historical frequencies in the serials module. (Unless the three 
frequencies are concurrent since they don't have end dates?)

Just enter the current frequency (monthly according to 310) and start 
from there. You're lucky, it's the easiest one! :)

If you do need to enter your backlog, create different subscriptions for 
each period.


On 2022-02-09 17 h 17, Charles Kelley wrote:
> Hi, all!
>      My library is beginning to implement the serials module, but we have a
> question. How does Koha handle serials with variable frequencies? Case in
> point: Starlog.
>      According to WorldCat and the Library of Congress, Starlog had three
> frequencies during its run. To copy the 310 and 321 fields,
> 310 ␣␣ ‡a Monthly, ‡b <Jan. 1982->
> 321 ␣␣ ‡a Quarterly, ‡b Aug. 1976-
> 321 ␣␣ ‡a 8 times a year, ‡b <Dec. 1978->
>      How are the three frequencies entered into Koha?
>      Thanks for your help, everyone!
>      P. S. Sorry for the extra spacing and the "␣". I now use "␣" for the
> space in indicators in order to be absolutely clear an indicator is blank.
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