[Koha] Koha API - Authentication Failure

Stephen Graham s.graham4 at herts.ac.uk
Tue May 18 01:00:39 NZST 2021

Aswin - are you using the correct URL to call your custom endpoint. It should be under the contrib namespace e.g.



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I wanted to build an app that uses the koha API, and so i was testing it out, but I keep getting "Authentication Failure" error whichever end point I try to access.
The steps i did are

1. Got the client_id / secret from koha
2. Sent a POST request to api/v1/oauth/token with required parameters and got  an "access_token" returned 3. Added the token to my authorization header with header-prefix "Bearer"
4. Sent a GET request to different end points, but getting the same 401 Unauthorized error code with error : Authentication failure

However if i access one of the public end points like /api/v1/biblios/{biblio_id} i can get a response

If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please  let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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