[Koha] Downloading all the records of a result list

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Wed Jun 30 07:30:05 NZST 2021


In our library we are using Koha 20.11.00 on Debian 10.

If we execute a search and have a result list of say 600 results - how 
can we download the records of the respective records?

We know we could click "Select all" (but this only selcts the 20 biblio 
records that are on the current page) then add these 20 records to the 
cart or a list, then go to the next page, click "Select all", add 20 
more records to the list etc etc, and finally download the records from 
the menu in the cart/list.

But is there maybe a more convenient way for the staff to download all 
the records of a result list?

Best wishes: Michael
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